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A will (short for last will and testament) is a written document that describes how a person wants their estate is to be distributed after they die. A will must be in writing, signed by the person making it, and witnessed by two unrelated persons.

A lot of people don't like thinking about making a will; however, if you have family or friends that you want taken care of after your death, it is a necessary thought. When you spend your life thinking about work and your family, it can be tough to properly plan for your wishes after death. If you don't take the time to make a will, your family will be forced to deal with a messy and lengthier probate process. The amount of your assets is not relevant. If you have a smaller estate, you have all the more reason to protect it properly for your heirs. If you own a home, life insurance, stocks, savings accounts, retirement funds, and any other kind of property, you need a will. At Grant-Jones Legal we can help you put your wishes in writing so that the state doesn't have a chance to decide what you would have wanted. You worked too hard during your life to leave it in their hands.


Someone must have power of attorney to make financial decisions for you in the event of illness, injury or absence. It is advisable to also have a person named as a backup in case your primary agent is unable to perform these duties.

A financial power of attorney can cover real estate and all other kinds of property, paying bills, managing bank accounts and other financial decisions. This can be broad or limited. It may or may not include the power to give gifts.

A health care power of attorney, often called an advance directive, lets you name an agent who will make health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated. Health care powers of attorney can be used to specify your preferences for health care treatment generally as well as in end-of-life situations.

We will explain your options regarding advance directives and inform you of the issues you should consider.

Have us prepare your Will or Power of Attorney today and take control of the things that are most important to you. Call (205)332-1371 or email us today for an appointment.

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